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Visit the Mastiff Museum, a private New Jersey collection of all things Mastiff, from bronzes to cigar boxes
Italian breeders know about the zaccaro, a particular strain of Neapolitan Mastiff that excelled in type
Meet the Broholmer, Denmark's native Molosser that once hovered on the edge of extinction
White is not an accepted color in the Tibetan Mastiff breed, but still some have surfaced in Chinese breeding programs
If you ever wondered how to pronounce or pluralize these common words associated with Cane Corsos and Neapolitan Mastiffs, wonder no more!
We excerpt a discussion of correct Dogue temperament from Prof. Raymond Triquet's "Saga of the Dogue de Bordeaux."
White Out. What would Molosserdom be without controversy? In this issue, we tackle the subject of white Tibetan Mastiffs: Are they a rarity, seen in only certain isolated corners of Tibet – or a modern concoction based on Great Pyrenees and Ovcharka "additions"? Maybe they're not white at all ... The answers all depend whom you ask, and there are plenty of strongly held opinions out there! How to Speak Cane Corso (and Mastino, too). Don't know what a giogaia is? Worried about how to pronounce all those breed-specific Italian nouns and terms? Nervous to say them in front of other dog-savvy fanciers? Fear not! For non-Italians, here's our indispensable pronunciation guide – with plenty of audio cues! Sampling the Saga. Professor Raymond Triquet is the undisputed authority on all things Dogue de Bordeaux. So we're thrilled to offer this entertaining and eye-opening exploration of Dogue temperament, excerpted from his definitive and recently re-released book on the breed. ... Look for these stories, nd much, much more, in our new issue!
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In Our New Issue ... The Artful Molosser. Love Mastiffs? Then take our video tour of New Jersey's "Mastiff Museum," filled with bronzes, paintings, prints – and at least one kitschy Japanese Mastiff telephone. Learn where to find these Mastiff treasures – and how to spot an impostor. Gamekeeper's Dog Revisited. Bullmastiffs were bred to chase and bring down poachers. And in this homegrown video, a modern-day Bullmastiff does just that. Learn all about our brindle leading man, and how he managed to nail these shots. 'Z' is for Zaccaro. Not many people know about this "old style"
Neo from the 1970s. Named for the real Neapolitan fancier who bred them – and jealously guarded his bloodlines – these "rustic" dogs helped make the Mastino what it is today. Meet the Broholmer. Never heard the "B" word? Well, Broholmers were all the rage in and around Copenhagen 150 years ago. And slowly but surely, Denmark's native Molosser is making a comeback, though they still are as rare as winning lottery tickets.


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